E-learning and digital publishing specialists

Engage with the digital natives

Great content educates, entertains and empowers. Our aim at Ayr Digital is to unleash content and make it accessible anytime and anywhere.

Digital platforms

Handheld devices give the user quick access to their favourite content when and where they wish to consume it. Ayr Digital specialises in creating highly-interactive and simple to use e-learning applications to the iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android platforms.

Online platforms are especially important within educational contexts. We can help to convert and import content into LMS platforms; and integrate new tools into existing systems where interoperability is permitted.

Digital formats

Ayr Digital can transform your content into a variety of data formats depending on your target markets. EPUB, Kindle and Mobi-Pocket ebook formats are just three formats ideal for static content. E-learning and assessment materials can be converted to integrate into your LMS of choice such as Moodle or Blackboard, or opt for interoperable standards like QTI or SCORM.